How can I meaningfully thank so many who have been remarkably gener-
ous throughout the years of this project—for their time, insights, wisdom,
personal stories, trust, and friendship? These words seem all the more in-
adequate since I cannot thank by name those who have courageously shared
their stories. I am deeply grateful for the trust they put in me and for their
commitment to helping others in similar situations of exploitation.
There were two pivotal launch points of this project: when Ann Jordan
invited me to join an antitrafficking working group around the time the
tvpa was being drafted and when I met Florrie Burke, through Ann. Both
women have vouched for me and reached into their Rolodexes to introduce
me to the antitrafficking community. I never would have met the extraor-
dinary individuals I have had the privilege of getting to know without their
help. Thank you, Ann and Florrie.
Ileana Fohr is a gifted and dedicated case manager, from whom I learned
what social service provision ideally should look like. I also have learned a
great deal from many others in the labor organizing, social service, legal,
and medical assistance world: Edgar Aranda- Yanoc, Christina Arnold, Susie
Baldwin, Lucas Benitez, Bill Bernstein, Andrea Bertone, Cate Bowman,
Kay Buck, Imelda Buncab, Stewart Chang, Namju Cho, Kenneth Chuang,
Emma Cleaveland, Kate D’Adamo, Ambassador Luis C. deBaca, Alexis De
Simone, Tenaz Dubash, Maria José Fletcher, Laura Germino, Gail Gottlieb,
Kelly Heinrich, Darby Hickey, Minerva Hidrogo, Renee Huffman, Ashwini
Jaisingh, Elizabeth Keyes, Kathleen Kim, Karina Kirana, Vanessa Lanza,
Chanchanit Martorell, Fiona Mason, Allison Medina, Marley Moynahan,
Heather Moore, Qimmah Najeeullah, Melanie Orhant, Nadra Qadeer,
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