Appendix Ideas and Resources for Action
How to Get Involved
With so much interest in the fight against trafficking, I have a few sugges-
tions on how individuals might get involved. The ideas for action are cen-
tered on making workplaces safer and more secure for all workers. There is
no silver bullet, but a range of activities can build awareness and move us
toward more just and sensible policies. They involve attending local, state,
and national commissions and hearings on immigration issues and labor
protections; and volunteering with workers’ rights and migrants’ rights or-
ganizations in local communities. They also include protesting efforts to
criminalize vulnerable workers through ordinances that affect day laborers
and sex workers and supporting efforts that regulate unregulated labor
sectors, raise wages, and protect workers from retaliation if they call out
abuse. These strategies address the wide range of structural factors that
make worker exploitation possible. They aim to empower workers and offer
greater security and respect to all those living in our communities.
Consider getting involved in the following issues:
1. Fight for immigration reform that includes a possibility for citizen-
ship for all current and future workers, including workers in the
informal economy who perform day labor.
2. Monitor worker recruitment programs that tie workers’ visas to
one employer or involve recruitment agencies that charge high
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