For me, writing is a gesture of the body, a gesture of creativity, a working
from the inside out. My feminism is grounded not on incorporeal abstrac-
tion but on corporeal realities. The material body is center, and central. The
body is the ground of thought.
Gloria Anzaldúa, “Preface: Gestures of the Body”
What is the theme of my life’s work? Is it accessing other realities?
Gloria Anzaldúa, writing notas
In Light in the Dark/Luz en lo oscuro— Rewriting Identity, Spirituality, Real-
ity, Gloria Anzaldúa excavates her creative pro cess ( her “gestures of
the body”) and uses this excavation to develop an aesthetics of trans-
formation, grounded in her metaphysics of interconnectedness.1 From
the late 1980s, when she entered the doctoral program in lit erature at
the University of California, Santa Cruz (ucsc), until her death in 2004,
Anzaldúa aspired to write a book-length exploration of aesthetics and
knowledge production as they are inflected through, and shaped by,
issues of social justice, identity (trans)formation, and healing.2 She
viewed this pro ject both as her dissertation and as a publishable mono-
graph, although, as explained in more detail later, she did not follow a
typical dissertation pro cess. Thoroughly researched and repeatedly
Re- envisioning Coyolxauhqui, Decolonizing Reality
Anzaldúa’s Twenty- First- Century Imperative
AnaLouise Keating
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