Les agradezco todo el apoyo espiritual que me dieron. Yo se que no lo
hice sola, sino con la fuerza que mis seres queridas / os me dieron y
me dan siempre. The coffe houses where my comadres and I moti-
vated each other and where we held our writing dates: Lulu Carpen-
ter’s, Java House, Caffe Pergolesi, and Coffeetopia. To my naguala
(daimon or guiding spirit). To nature for inspiring me, Light house
Field, the Guadalupe tree on West Cliff. The music I played around the
clock: Enya, Robbie Robertson, Jennifer Berens, Llasa, Leonard Cohen,
Lila Downs.
Muchisimas gracias a mis “comadres in writing,” AnaLouise Keat-
ing, Carmen Morones, Irene Reti, Randy Conner, Irene Lara, Yolanda
Venegas, y Kit Quan por sus comentarios. This book is richer for your
criticisms, support, encouragement, and faith in my work. A special
thanks to my literary assistants / interns: Vicki Alcoset, Audrey Berlo-
witz, Jaime Lee Evans, Alisa Huerta, Melissa Moreno, Rosalinda Ramírez,
Claire Riccardi, Dianna Williamson.
I thank Betsy Wootten, Barbara Lee, and the staff and faculty of
Kresge College, and Nicolette Czarrunchick, Women’s Studies, ucsc.
This book started in Donna Haraway’s Feminist Theory class in fall
1988 as notes for a paper that would be written the following quarter.
I had returned to gradu ate school, this time in Santa Cruz, to have a
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