Draft of Lloronas Dissertation Proposal
[The Lloronas dissertation proposal exists in multiple forms. I have selected this
version, rather than any other, because Anzaldúa viewed it as the most recent
iteration of her 1990s dissertation topic. She included it in her dissertation com-
puter folder “08h diss, biblio,” in the subfolder “old diss prospectus, biblio.”
Anzaldúa last saved this document, titled “descrip of diss- lloronas,” on April 20,
Description: Lloronas—Women Who Wail: (Self )Representation and the
Production of Writing, Knowledge, and Identity
The work is an investigation of self-representation and the produc-
tion of writing, knowledge, memory, imagination, consciousness,
identities, and the po liti cal re sis tance and agency of the female post-
colonial cultural Other (particularly the Chicana / mestiza). It is about
the position of the writing postcolonial subject and the pro cess of “ne-
gotiating” discursive spaces from which to speak. It asks such ques-
tions as who has voice and who does not, who represents, and for
what and for whom and how does it represent. It explores the rela-
tionship of self-representation to the referent— the body, gender and
history— and to language, fantasy and the desire to write. It questions
Appendix 1 | Lloronas Dissertation Material
(Proposal, Table of Contents, and Chapter Outline)
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