[As a genre, e- mail can offer an immediacy and intimacy that goes beyond that of
Anzaldúa’s heavily revised autohistorias. The following three e- mails from Anzaldúa
provide intimate glimpses into some of the health- related struggles she experienced
in the last years of her life. Addressing her writing comadres, Anzaldúa lets down her
guard and speaks personally and frankly.]
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:36:37
Subject: been sick
From: Gloria Anzaldúa
To: analouise keating
hi al,
Sorry i haven’t gotten back to you this week as i’d planned—my eyes
are still strained & light sensitive. also i’ve been sick & depressed.
I’m struggling to shift out of feeling depressed & overwhelmed. some-
times by using my imagination i’ll shift out of it but then hypos will
drag me down, again. i think this time my depression is partly chemi-
cal & partly psychological. if i overcompensate with food & sugar my
blood sugar will shoot into the other extreme. i also think that i let
myself get too exhausted, spiritually & emotionally drained & now
Appendix 2 | Anzaldúa’s Health
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