[This appendix includes background information on Anzaldúa’s writing pro cess for
each chapter, as well as information about where the drafts can be located.]
Preface. Gestures of the Body— Escribiendo para idear
Anzaldúa drafted this preface specifically for Light in the Dark. She
began thinking about it in the summer of 2002 but did not seriously
focus on it until 2003. Her notes indicate that she drew from her La
Prieta story collection, dissertation proposal and chapters from the
1990s, and other writing notes, copying over and pasting in episodes
and descriptions that explored body-soul connections to create her
pre-draft. As she explained to me in conversation, she developed
“Gestures of the Body” by looking through the book chapters to draw
out “common threads.” When she sought feedback on the chapter
drafts, she asked me (and probably other writing comadres) to locate
“key terms / concepts you find interest ing in this essay & the ones
you remember from the other essays.” Material for this chapter is on
Anzaldúa’s hard drive, in the folder “08h diss, biblio,” subfolder “diss
chapters,” sub-subfolder “0. toc_preface.” This chapter, a file titled
“pref-3,” was last saved on April 13, 2004. Anzaldúa was also working
with material in the following files, located in the “0. toc_preface” sub-
Appendix 5 | Historical Notes on the Chapters’ Development
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