Appendix 6 | Invitation and Call for Papers, Testimonios Volume
[The following e- mail is on file with the author. I thank Claire Joysmith for sending me
the call for papers.]
From: Claire Joysmith
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001
To: Gloria Anzaldúa
Subject: Saludos de Claire y sobre testimonios Latinos
Gloria, I hope things are as good as they can be given the circum-
I send you light and good energy for these hard times. This is a time
of vio lence and yet a time of love, too, a time for meeting one’s own
shadow and that of the human race for what it really is. I feel that
what we do now counts even more than it ever did. Cada quien su
granito de arena, but with good intentions. It’s all we can do individu-
ally. The rest is so huge. I was just wondering what the new millen-
nium was bringing and here it is. . . . This is like a purging fire to burn
out, albeit with the blood of innocents, the mess we’re in. . . . Maybe
the new generations can start living for a new future. . . .
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