I would like to thank my wife, Marie-Luise Gattens, for inventing the
listening subjectivity)
for her clear and critical readings of the
manuscript from its inception to the final manuscript, and for her sup-
port and encouragement. Special thanks as well to dear and brilliant
friends without whom this book would never have been conceived
and written: Eric Santner, Anahid Kassabian, Dennis Foster, and Nina
Schwartz. Thanks as well to Jenny Kallick, Lew Spratlan, and David
Reck of the Music Department at Amherst College for their support
and invaluable criticism of several drafts of the manuscript. Thanks also
to Patrick McCreless for his thoughtful comments on the manuscript.
Thanks as well to Raphael Atlas.
Special thanks to Barbara Riecke, Rolf Suhl, Vito Avantario, and
Matthias Weber for help, support, and invaluable criticism of the
manuscript during various stages of the writing. Very special thanks as
well to Jenny Gattens for generous emotional support during several
summers of writing and research in Hamburg, Germany.
Thanks to Lisa A. Raskin, Dean of the Faculty, Amherst College, for
generous financial assistance in the preparation of the final manuscript.
Thanks to Robert Frank of the University of North Texas for his dili-
gent work in preparing the music examples. Thanks to Mark Abbott
and Lew Spratlan for generous help with music examples. Thanks to
Richard Morrison and Ken Wissoker of Duke University Press for their
long-standing support of this project. I am grateful to the cds Gallery
in New York for permission to use the Morales painting on the cover.
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