This book has been guided and supported by a community of
mentors, scholars, activists, librarians, and archivists, as well as
my friends and family, to all of whom I give my most heartfelt
gratitude. Most importantly, I want to thank my community in
Stockton for embracing me and this book project when I came
back home in 1997. I thank the members of the Stockton Chapter
of the Filipino American National Historical Society, especially
Maria “Terri” Torres, Violet Dutra, Anita Bautista, Virgie Me-
lear, Mel and Gail LaGasca, Buster Villa, Leatrice Perez, Rosalio
“Sleepy” Caballero, Emily Rosal, Juliana Homan, and Marilyn
Guida. Deepest thanks to the Little Manila Foundation board
members and volunteers: Dillon Delvo, Rebecca Abellana- Delvo,
Tony Somera, Elena Mangahas, Addie Suguitan, Florence Quilan-
tang, Rico Reyes, Sylvia Oclaray, Lailani Chan, Lorenzo Romano,
Jessica Hernandez, Debbie Johnston, Winnie and Oscar Llamera,
Reggie Romano, Debbie Panganiban Louie, Fay Olympia, Jennifer
Mashburn, Flora May Teague, Sandi Olega- Miyai, Alma Riego,
Brian Batugo, Stacey Arquines, Sarah May Olarte, Arianne Sugui-
tan, and all our interns. I also thank the teachers and students of
our Little Manila Afterschool Program. Thanks also to the many
people around the nation who offered their help and materials.
I am deeply grateful to the many community members and orga-
nizations who so generously shared their stories, photographs, and
other materials with me. I thank them all, especially Alma Alcala,
Moreno Balantac, Anita Navalta Bautista, Christine Bohulano
Bloch, Fred and Dorothy Cordova, Dillon Delvo, Violet Juanitas
Dutra, Jimmy and Phyllis Ente, Lillian Galedo, Luna Jamero, Eudo-
sia Bravo Juanitas, Laurena Cabañero Knoll, Eulogio “Ted” Lapuz,
Rene Latosa, Flora Arca Mata, Nelson Nagai, Angelina Candelario
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