This volume comes out of a workshop, also titled “Lively Capital: Biotech-
nology, Ethics and Governance in Global Markets,” held in November 2004
at the University of California, Irvine. I wish to thank the National Science
Foundation, the University of California’s Humanities Research Institute,
the Newkirk Center for Science and Society at uc Irvine, and uc Irvine’s
Division of Research and Graduate Studies for providing the funding that
was required to conduct the workshop.
I next wish to thank the participants in the workshop for their com-
mitment, friendship, and collegiality during the workshop; and for their
patience through the long process required to convert the workshop pro-
ceedings into this edited volume. For me, thinking with, and learning from,
other people is the most enjoyable aspect of being an academic, and I could
not wish for a better group of interlocutors than those who are a part of this
volume. In addition to the authors of the various chapters herein, I wish to
thank Geoffrey Bowker, Lawrence Cohen, and Cori Hayden, who also pre-
sented papers at the workshop, but were unable to contribute their pieces to
the volume.
My colleagues in the department of anthropology at uc Irvine deserve
special thanks. As I planned the workshop, I received tremendous encour-
agement from Jim Ferguson, who was at the time chair of the department,
and that support and encouragement was replicated by every one of my
other colleagues, many of whom served as discussants to papers at the work-
shop, and all of whom contributed in significant measure to making it a
success. Bill Maurer also provided a careful and critical reading of my intro-
duction to this volume, and I have benefited greatly from his comments. In
addition, people from other departments at uc Irvine and elsewhere served
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