1. Literally, I mean: one time when I was a PhD student, a feminist member of the
staff pulled my off- the- shoulder top over my shoulders, saying something like, “You are
supposed to be a feminist.”
2. For further discussion of hope in relation to the past tense, see my book The Cul-
tural Politics of Emotion (Ahmed 2004).
3. Flavia Dzodan, “My Feminism Will Be Intersectional or It Will Be Bullshit!,”
Tigerbeatdown, October 10, 2011, http: // tigerbeatdown .com / 2011 / 10 / 10 / my
- feminism -will- be- intersectional- or- it- will- be- bullshit /.
4. There is so much racism at stake in which sexism comes up: sexism is often seen
as a problem with cultures (or a cultural problem) “over there” rather than “here.” Also
note: the elsewhere is often understood as behind in time.
5. I have called this melancholic universalism: you identify with the universal that
has repudiated you. For some preliminary observations, see my blog post “Melancholic
Universalism,” feministkilljoys, December 15, 2015, http: // feministkilljoys .com / 2015
/ 12 / 15 / melancholic- universalism /.
6. I will be developing the arguments about practical phenomenology from the con-
clusion to On Being Included (Ahmed 2012), though I use different terms in this book,
ones that do not point so quickly back to this philosophical tradition. See especially
part II, “Diversity Work,” for discussion of how we know things because of our effort to
transform things.
7. I have made the decision not to cite any of the work of (self- described) radical
feminists who are writing against the phenomena they describe as “transgenderism”
(often called trans exclusionary radical feminism, or terfs), because I find this work so
violent and reductive that I have not wished to bring it into the body of my own text. I
have noticed in reading discussions on social media how the mechanisms for excluding
trans women from feminism are mobile (rather like the walls I discuss in part II). In
some cases, I have heard people refer to “biology 101,” or a scientific basis of female and
male sex differences, to claim trans women are not biologically women as the grounds
for justifying the exclusion of trans women. I want to rebuke: “Biology 101? Well, patri-
archy wrote that textbook,” and pass them a copy of Andrea Dworkin’s Woman Hating,
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