A huge thank you to my inspired and inspiring daughter, Sofia Szamosi, whose
no-nonsense and often hilarious commentary on advertising lit my path.
I am grateful for the backing of the Department of English at the University of
California at Berkeley and the Mellon Foundation, which made my research
possible, as did a
travel grant provided by Duke University. And thanks to
Ellen Gartrell and the staff at the Duke University Library, without whom the
J. Walter Thompson Archives would have remained a swirling sea of cardboard
boxes and mysterious files. I also appreciate the assistance provided by the staff
at Radcliffe's Schlesinger Library. Moreover, this book would not have been
completed without the postdoctoral fellowship I have so enjoyed as a professor
of gender politics at New York University's John W Draper Interdisciplinary
Master's Program in Humanities and Social Thought.
Many along the way helped me to continue, and allowed the work
with their support and careful reading of earlier versions. The merits of the
project, in large part, are due to those acknowledged below; all errors of
interpretation or fact are mine and mine alone.
My adviser at Berkeley, Mitchell Breitwieser, offered the perfect mix of ready
confidence, challenging intellectual prodding, and wry wit; I
indebted. Also at Berkeley, crucial assistance, commentary, and citations from
Donald McQuade and Lawrence Levine allowed the project to develop. At
New York University, let me heartily note the inspiration, friendship, and
support extended by the Draper program: from Director Robin Nagle and my
colleagues, to the staff and students.
Thanks to Susan Schweik, Paula Fass, and James Young for their encourage-
ment and perception. I am indebted
friend, colleague, copanelist, and reader
Jen Scanlon for expert advice and pivotal support. Kathy Peiss gave me a
fruitful citation early on, and Christine Stansell extended both friendship and
invaluable commentary at several
junctures in my writing. The following
friends and colleagues were sufficiently savage, and absolutely generous, as
critical readers of parts of the manuscript at various stages: unending gratitude
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