breakdown of interviews
We conducted interviews among the groups of people listed in table a.1.
Interviews lasted between 20 minutes and 4.5 hours, with an average of 1.5
hours. Several people were interviewed on two or even three occasions, but
they are only counted once in the table.
Th e categorization in the table is oversimplifi ed, because people we have
listed in the diff erent categories were not always interviewed exclusively in
the capacity listed. For example, several women and men with disabilities
were interviewed just as much for their roles as experts or activists in this
fi eld as for their personal stories about and experiences of sex. We have listed
Danish sexual advisors separately from “Authorities on sexuality and dis-
ability,” even though sexual advisors are among the foremost authorities on
sexuality and disability. Listing them separately is simply a way to make their
presence in this study clear.
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