Unpublished Sources
Archives in Denmark
Lone Barsøe’s private archives (lb)
Karsten Løt’s private archives (kl)
Archives in Sweden
Arbetarrörelsens Bibliotek och Arkiv [Workers’ Movement’s Library and Ar-
chives] (arab)
Archives of the Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning [Swedish Association for
Sexuality Education] (rfsu)
P. O. Lundberg’s private archives (pol)
Riksarkivet [National Archives] (ra)
Archives of the De Handikappades Riksförbund [National Association of the
Handicapped] (dhr)
Archives of the Handikapporganisationernas Centralkommitté [Cooperation
Committee of Disability Organizations] (hck)
Archives of the Hjälpmedelsinstitutet [Swedish Institute for Assistive Technol-
ogy, siat]
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