alcalde Traditional Indian authority in hacienda times.
alzamentero Quarrelsome, rebellious.
anejo Old name for an indigenous settlement.
arranche The stealing of a product, typically in a marketplace
(i.e., a sack full of something). When the seller and the
buyer do not reach an agreement on the price, the latter
diverts the attention of the former and runs away with
the product.
arrimado Fig., “stuck on.” It refers to members of huasipunguero
households in hacienda times.
cabildo Community council.
camari A gift given by an inferior to his or her superior
comadre Godmother.
compadre Godfather.
chicha Corn beer.
cholos Indians who leave their community to live in a city.
gamonal Very powerful, conservative, and repressive landlord.
gamonalismo A political regime in which power is exercised by the
local gamonal.
huasicama Housekeeper who worked for the landlord during
hacienda times (Quichua).
huasipungo Vegetable plot assigned to indigenous peons working in
the hacienda.
huasipunguero Huasipungo holder.
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