This collection began as a panel about developments
in the practices of film history at the Society for
Cinema Studies meeting in 1998. For several months
after the meeting we solicited essays from some terrific
film scholars. These contributors have stayed with the
project for the long period of manuscript formation
and revision, and they have been rigorous and creative
in their writing and rewriting. We thank them for
their hard work, friendship, and, most of all, patience.
At Duke University Press, Ken Wissoker has been
supportive and encouraging from the beginning. In-
deed, everyone we have worked with at Duke has been
wonderful—in particular Courtney Berger.
On the home front, our spouses and kids have
given us all kinds of support as this project has taken
its slow journey from SCS in 1998 to its present form.
For all of their encouragement along the way, we give
very special thanks to Martha, Adam, and Guy Lewis
and to Caren Kaplan and Sofia Smoodin-Kaplan.
Portions of this collection have appeared in earlier
publications. A version of “Going Hollywood Sooner
or Later” appeared in Regarding Frank Capra: Audience,
Celebrity, and American Film Studies (Duke, 2004).
A version of “Murnau in America” was published in
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