Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following: the New York Foundation
for the Arts for the 2009 Nonfiction Literature Fellowship, and Ae Ventures
for their grant to work on this book. To Kathryn Holmes for her research and
computer skills. To Kenneth Wissoker of Duke University Press for his interest
and appreciation, and to his assistant Jade Brooks for her attention to detail. To
Helene Dorn’s family: Marie Bahlke, Paul and Chan Buck, and above all tire-
less Fred Buck, for his generosity and time and effort supplying names, dates,
photos, emails, and all the original letters I drove home from Gloucester that
night of the huge blue moon when I had just turned seventy, a sight and situa-
tion Helene would have loved. And, as always, to my daughters, Kellie Jones
and Lisa Jones Brown, for their forbearance in allowing me the stories I have
forever told about them; my sons- in- law Guthrie Ramsey and Ken Brown,
for their kindness and support; and lastly to Zoe Margaret Hettie Chapman
Brown, who will see her name in this book and have a record of my life after
I’m gone.
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