appendix 1
Case List of Lynchings and
Summary Executions
The case list was compiled by Kenneth R. Gonzales-Day on March 18, 2005,
from an extensive number of sources. Some sources are listed in the indi-
vidual chapter notes, but a full list of sources could not be included in this
Minor variations in the spelling of names or in the date were common
among the multiple sources. If the month was known but sources conflicted
as to the date, then ‘‘00’’ is used to signal that the precise date is unknown.
If the month and date are both in question, then a question mark is used to
signal that the month and date are unknown. As new sources are uncovered,
future scholars may be able to expand and improve the list presented here.
The determinations of origin were derived from primary and secondary
source materials. As noted in chapter 4, ‘‘Mexican’’ could refer to actual or
perceived racial, ethnic, or national origin. Where available, additional infor-
mation is included; for example, ‘‘Sonoran’’ (Sonoranian) referred to persons
born in Sonora, Mexico; Calif/Mex refers to Mexican Americans or native
Californians, as they were known throughout the second half of the nine-
teenth century; Anglo/Euro is used to refer to Anglo-Americans and persons
of European descent.
Those cases included in the Tuskegee Institute Archive case files (as of Feb-
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