appendix 2
Selected List of Legal and
Military Executions
This selected list of legal and military executions was compiled by Kenneth R.
Gonzales-Day, March 18, 2005, from an extensive number of sources. Some
sources are listed in the individual chapter notes, but a full list of sources
could not be included in this publication.
Minor variations in the spelling of names or in the date were common
among the multiple sources.
As new sources are uncovered, future scholars may be able to expand and
improve the list presented here. Three men committed suicide before they
could be executed but are still included in the list. They were Frank Moore
in 1857, David Butler in 1858, and Birchbeck in 1862.
The following is a statistical breakdown of legal and military executions:
Total number of cases: 103
Committed suicide prior to execution: 3
Totals by race, ethnicity, and nationality
Identified as African American: 1
Identified as American Indian: 10
Identified as Chinese: 9
Identified as Mexican or Mexican American: 18
Anglo-American or European descent: 59
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