We are grateful to Lilia Carpentier for the rights to translate Alejo Car-
pentier's essays, "On the Marvelous Real in America" and "The Baroque
and the Marvelous Real"; to the editors of Twentieth Century Literature
for permission to reprint Scott Simpkins' essay, originally titled "Magical
Strategies: The Supplement of Realism," in Twentieth Century Literature
34, 2 (1988): 140-54; to the Women's Studies Program of the University
of Maryland for permission to reprint P. Gabrielle Foreman's "Past-On
Stories: History and the Magically Real, Morrison and Allende On Call,"
Feminist Studies 18,2 (1992): 369-88; and to Auburn University for per-
mission to publish a revised version
of John Burt Foster's "Magic Realism
in The White Hotel: Compensatory Vision and the Transformation of Clas-
sic Realism," Southern Humanities Review 20, 3 (1986): 205-19.
The following essays, some in slightly different versions, were originally
published in these collections: Franz Roh, "Realismo magico: Problemas
de la pintura mas reciente," Revista de Occidente 16 (April, May, June
1927): 274-30l; Angel Flores, "Magical Realism in Spanish American Fic-
tion," Hispania 38,2 (1955): 187-92; Luis Leal, "El realismo magi co en la
literatura hispanoamericana," Cuadernos Americanos 43, 4 (1967): 230-
35; Stephen SIemon, "Magic Realism as Post-Colonial Discourse," Cana-
dian Literature 116 (1988): 9-24; Rawdon Wilson, "The Metamorphoses
of Space: Magic Realism," in Magic Realism and Canadian Literature, ed.
Peter Hinchcliffe and Ed J ewinski (Waterloo, Ontario: University of Water-
loo, 1986), 61-74; Patricia Merivale, "Saleem Fathered by Oskar: Inter-
textual Strategies in Midnight's Children and The Tin Drum," Ariel 21, 3
To our contributors, for their patience and good humor, we are espe-
cially grateful.
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