This videography does not offer an exhaustive account of every reality
show engaged with the makeover, but instead accounts for makeover tv’s
breadth and diversity as represented on U.S. expanded cable and satellite.
International programming is not included here. The following list lays
out those programs referenced in this book, including “cautionary tale”
documentary-like shows and made-for-tv movies. Other film or televi-
sion texts discussed in the book are included in the bibliography rather
than in this makeover videography. For ease of reference, I do not include
in either the videography or bibliography those film or television texts that
are mentioned but not discussed.
Information is listed in the following order: Name of show; production
company(ies) or producer(s) (when available); network(s) aired; year(s)
aired on original run; episode quoted with title (if given) and subject name;
original air dates in the United States (dates listed in numerical month/
day/year format). When character names are in quotation marks, the show
uses their names for its title. When those names are not in quotation marks,
the show uses a different title (or none at all), and I’ve inserted subject
names to help reference the specific shows under discussion. When no
character name is included in the videography, it is because I reference the
show or a particular episode, but I don’t discuss the subject.
Those shows in production, on hiatus, or still on-air at the time of
compilation in late 2008–early 2009 are indicated by the show’s year of
start date to “present.” Though not actively producing new programming,
many shows have not been officially cancelled; some, like 10 Years Younger
and I Want a Famous Face, have also returned after long periods of dormancy.
Many more have been cancelled, like Extreme Makeover, but are still in
continuous play across several networks.
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