All translations from the Spanish are my own unless otherwise indicated. I
have identified films in the text by their Mexican release title or titles if I en-
countered them in my Spanish language sources. When a film title appears
solely in English it is because the source I drew on was in English. I contend
that these films were transformed by their travels into distinct cultural ob-
At the end of the book I list all of the films referred to in the text. For
the convenience of the English- dominant reader, I have organized them by
English- language title. The production information there has been drawn
from the American Film Institute’s Catalog. For serials, I have primarily re-
lied on the index compiled at the website Silent Era (http://www.silentera
.com/PSFL/indexes/serials.html); for films produced in Mexico and other
parts of the world, I have consulted online databases, published filmogra-
phies, and indices, and I give as complete information as I am able.
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