Migrations are acts of settlement and of habitation
in a world where the divide between origin and
destination is no longer a divide of Otherness, a world
in which borders no longer separate human realities.
Saskia Sassen, Guests and Aliens
In his June 2012 Enough Is Enough column in the Twin City Times, Lewiston
mayor Robert Macdonald railed against the “rude behavior of teenagers, immi-
grants, and unproductive parents” for talking on their cell phones at the high
school’s recent graduation ceremony in the huge Lewiston Colisée. His complaints
quickly narrowed to only the immigrant attendees, those “from oppressive ref-
ugee camps, which harbor crime, disease, and hunger” to whom “Lewiston
residents have opened our city.” While acknowledging that some immigrants are
properly appreciative, he chastised those who “take advantage of our generosity
and act like we owe them,” concluding his article with these words:
During the singing of our National Anthem, these ingrates chose to sit
talking to each other or talking on the phone. They need to be reminded
that when the “Star Spangled Banner” is played, they are expected to show
it the same respect and courtesy that U.S. citizens show it.
The Way Life Should Be
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