Sincere thanks are due to all those people who agreed to be
part of this book by sharing their opinions and experiences
with me from 1996 to 1999 when I researched this book.
Among them are Wayan Ferry, Cak, Age, Agung Alit, Ngu-
rah Karyadi, Agus Sacrilegious, Sabdo Moelyo (Moel),
Agus Lempog, Agus Yanky, Ari Phobia, Cahyadi, Gregor
Casanova, Gus Martin, Made Arthana, Micko GMR, Rah-
mat Hariyanto, Gus They, Frit, Romy Isnandar, Dedi and
Forqon of Lithium, Rudi Jamasyah, Hendra Epilepsy, and
Yayat Jasad. Thanks to members of these bands: Triple
Punk, Superman Is Dead, Soul Rebel, Triple Six, Angel
Head, Suckerhead, Turtle Junior, Arwah, Ritual Crypt,
Behead, Criminal Assholes, Djihad, No Man’s Land, Obli-
gasi, Rest in Peace (rip), Deadly Ground, Storing, Sucker-
fi nger, Total Riot, and Utero.
Degung Santikarma’s lively, funny stories about Ba-
linese rock fans and practices piqued my interest and in-
spired me to visit Bali and check this scene out. This book
owes much to Degung’s alternative, pioneering takes on
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