abri Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia (Indone-
sian Armed Forces)
adat custom
aliran sesat devil worshipping cult
alternapunk (my term) style of punk fandom practiced in Bali in
1996, largely inspired by the California punk band
Green Day
anak gaul trendy kids
Angel Head Balinese death metal band, formed in 1996
Annymissme Balinese black metal band of the late 1990s
Anthrax New York City–based thrash metal band which
released its fi rst full-length album in 1984
arak palm wine
Arwah Balinese black metal band
Bad Religion punk rock band formed in California in 1980, often
credited with leading a punk rock revival in that
Bakor stanas Badan Koordinasi Stabilitas Nasional (Coordinat-
ing Body for National Stability—a military intel-
ligence body)
bale banjar community hall
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