1942 Duch born in Kompong Thom Province
1953 Cambodian in de pendence from France; Prince Sihanouk
dominates Kingdom of Cambodia until 1970
Mid-1960s Duch meets Son Sen, his future patron and Khmer Rouge
leader; starts teaching math and revolutionary activities
1967 Duch joins the Communist Party of Kampuchea and is
jailed the next year; Khmer Rouge begin armed strug gle
against Prince Sihanouk
1970 General Lon Nol coup against Sihanouk; Khmer Repub-
lic established; Duch released from jail, rejoins Khmer
Rouge; Sihanouk joins the Khmer Rouge in united front
1971 Duch appointed head of M-13 security center
1975 Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, topple Khmer Republic;
Demo cratic Kampuchea (DK) established; Duch ap-
pointed deputy head of S-21
1976 Duch appointed head of S-21; Khmer Rouge purges begin
to intensify
1979 Vietnamese-backed army topples DK regime; socialist
Peoples Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) established;
Duch and his men flee into the forest to join Khmer
Rouge leaders; S-21 discovered and turned into Tuol
Sleng museum; new civil war begins
1986–1988 Khmer Rouge send Duch to teach in China; peace nego-
tiations begin, eventually resulting in 1991 accord
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