Each of the essays in this book has its own history. But
existence of the overall project, to those who supported the big picture
special thanks. Starting with graduate school in the Department of A
pology at the University of Chicago, I was sustained personally and in
tually by a group I called the ‘‘Albanian Conspirators’’ (perhaps beca
Ben Apfelbaum’s and Bobby Paul’s big black beards), whose other me
at our smoky poker games and cheapo dinners included Sherry Ortn
Harriet Whitehead. Three other friends, Chuck Palson, Charley Keil, a
late Cal Cottrell, were always up for the fun and games along with e
anthropology discussions that made graduate school more bearable.
In  a group of feminist faculty, students, and staff at Purchas
lege led by colleagues Evelyn Keller and the late great Mary Edwards
a successful battle to convince Abbot Kaplan, then the president of Pu
College, to give me tenure. Without these folks at Purchase who belie
my potential despite the nasty things my enemies were saying, I woul
had no career in higher education and most likely would have written
ing after my first book. More recently, a Professional Development/Qu
Working Life Award granted by our union, the United University Profe
of the State University of NewYork, and a President’s Research Support
from Purchase College have helped defray some expenses of publicati
During the s a network of gay, lesbian, and feminist intelle
inspired and encouraged me after a period when I had turned awa
scholarship. I would especially like to acknowledge the pioneering s
ship and/or personal support of Allan Bérubé, John D’Emilio, Martin
man, Lisa Duggan, Larry Gross, Jonathan Ned Katz, Liz Kennedy,
Lewin, Joan Nestle,Gayle Rubin, and Carroll Smith-Rosenberg. In part
another scholar and friend, Jeffrey Escoffier, and my former partner,
Hollibaugh, believed in me implicitly and energetically, encouraging
think of a book of essays before anyone else did.
The essays having to do with gays and lesbians in anthropology
not have come about without a network of other anthropologists ac
the Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists; among the many ded
people who provided leadership in , I am particularly indebted
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