Photographs are reprinted from
Tsvetaeva: A
Pictorial Biography. edited by
Ellendea Proffer. Copyright
1980 by Ardis.
Passages from Marina
Tsvetaeva, A
Captive Spirit, translated and edited by
]. Marin King (Ann Arbor, Mich.: Ardis, 1980), are reprinted with the per-
mission of Ardis. Copyright
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Rainer Maria
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Pasternak, Konstantin Azadovsky, and Mikhail Baltsvinik, English translation
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Company; reprinted by permission of
Harcourt Brace
Lines from Anna Akhmatova's "Epilogue I" are reprinted from Poems by
Anna Akhmatova, translated by Lyn Coffin, with the permission of
Company, Inc. Copyright
1983 by Lyn Coffin.
Part of Lily Feiler's article "Marina Cvetaeva's Childhood" first appeared
in Marina Tsvetaeva. Trudy I mezhdunarodnogo simpoziuma, Lausanne, 30, VI-3. VII. 1987,
edited by Robin Kemball et aI., pp. 37-45. Copyright
1991 by Peter Lang
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Parts of Lily Feiler's article "Tsvetaeva's God/Devil" first appeared in Marina
simpozium, posvyashchyonny IOo-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya, vol.
edited by
Svetlana Elnitsky and Efim Etkind, pp. 34-42 (The Russian School of Nor-
wich University, Northfield, Vermont, 1992).
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