Ac k n o w l e d g m e n t s
This book began as my doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago.
Leora Auslander and Sheldon Pollock read the earliest version of Marriage
and Modernity with great patience and generosity. The book bears the im-
print of their nurture and criticism from those years. I was extremely fortu-
nate in having Mrinalini Sinha as a member of my dissertation committee.
Words cannot express the gratitude I owe her for reading numerous drafts,
and all this while she was finishing her own book. I thank Moishe Postone
for what I learned from him and for providing all his students with a forum
like the Social Theory Workshop. Muzaffar Alam has been a mentor, an
interlocutor, and an immense source of support as I began my career as
junior faculty. I am grateful to the Franke Institute for the Humanities
and the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago for providing me a
home during which much of the writing happened. Generous grants from
the American Institute of Indian Studies, the Harry Frank Guggenheim
Foundation, the Giles Whiting Foundation, the Department of History,
the Humanities Division, and the Committee on Southern Asian Studies
at the University of Chicago made possible my tricontinental research trips
over the past several years. I also thank the staff of the Bangiya Sahitya Pari-
shad, Chaitanya Library, the library and archives of the Center for Studies
in Social Sciences in Calcutta, the Jaikrishna Library in Uttarpara, and the
State Archives of West Bengal, Calcutta; the British Library (especially
Mrs. Dipali Ghosh) and India Institute in London and Oxford, respec-
tively; and the Nehru Memorial Library and National Archives of India in
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