I would like to begin by thanking my former advisors and mentors at the
University of Iowa, Rudolf Kuenzli, Thomas Lewis, Tonglin Lu, Maureen
Robertson, David Arkush, and David Hamilton. I am grateful for their help
and support, and for their encouragement and trust as I explored difficult
issues. My gratitude also goes to Marilyn Young and Gail Hershatter for sup-
porting my work in general, for reading portions of this book, and for pro-
viding constructive suggestions; to my friends Zhang Zhen, Lin Chun, and
Magnus Fiskesjo for reading various portions of this book and for provid-
ing thoughtful and extensive comments and suggestions; to Lili Chen, Rey
Chow, Sharon Hom, Norma Field, Helen Koh, Heh-Rahn Park, Ellen Widmer,
Ming-bao Yue, and Judith Zeitlin for offering support or reading portions
of the manuscript at different stages of its development. Finally, I would
also like to thank my colleagues at Tufts University, Charles Nelson, Lynda
Shaffer, Liz Ammons, Greg Carleton, and Peter McIsaac for offering sugges-
tions, encouragement, and comments that helped sustain me throughout
the process of finishing the manuscript.
Let me also thank the Modern China Seminar of Columbia University for
inviting me to present an earlier version of one of the chapters. I am grateful
to the Gender Studies Workshop of the University of Chicago, where I re-
ceived constructive comments and suggestions. Thanks also to the Tufts Fac-
ulty Research Award Committee for granting me the Mellon Fellowship,
which made it possible for me to finish the manuscript. And I would also like
to thank my colleagues in the Department of German, Russian, and Asian
Languages and Literature of Tufts University for offering opportunities to
present portions of my book and for sharing their thoughts with me.
There are a few people to whom I am especially indebted: my editor at Duke
University Press, Ken Wissoker, for his support and his faith in the subject
matter of the book, and his two anonymous readers for their constructive
comments and suggestions. My special thanks also go to Susan Greenberg for
her wholehearted support throughout the years of my writing and for her
admirable editorial skills. I am equally indebted to David Greenberg for his
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