I am deeply indebted to Ken Wissoker, a true friend at Duke Univers
for giving me the opportunity to gather together these pieces, with
ferent voices, from their disparate corners. I also want to thank him
ing Terminal Identity in print and me out of limbo.
Vivian Sobchack and I have shared, over more than a decade, i
ideas, and laughs promiscuously. This splendid friendship has been
to my life and work, and her writing continues to dazzle me. Thoma
ser chaired the 1990 Society for Cinema Studies conference panel a
‘‘premiered’’ my Tomorrowland stuff; he has been overly generous ev
Everyone should have a Dana Polan for support, dialogue, and cam
And Annette Michelson’s inspiration cuts across everything in this
it were not for her, I surely would have gone into some other line o
Reading over these essays, the person I was and the people I kn
been recalled to vivid life. I’ve moved too often in these ten years, e
with its own joys and difficulties and in the end, I fell away from t
of those I treasured. This makes me unutterably sad, but I take som
in remembering them now.
Many of these chapters have benefited from gifted and sympath
tors: Vivian Sobchack, Mark Dery, Rodney Sappington, and Tyler
were especially superb collaborators. Students at the University
Mexico, der Freie Universität, and Stanford University have respo
my energy and ideas with plenty of their own. The input and
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