If the urology patients at the Cuernavaca imss hospital had not been so
generous in sharing their stories and trusting me to tell them, this book
would not exist. I am profoundly grateful to them, as well as to the urol-
ogy department doctors and staff for adopting me as part of their unit;
supporting my research; and sharing their work, lives, and delicious
breakfasts with me. Although they are identifi ed pseudonymously here, I
have no doubt that they will recognize the parts of this work that they
made possible. I have many other people to thank for their support of my
eldwork for this book, including the private- practice physicians, phar-
macists, and drug representatives who shared their time and experiences
with me; and Ivonne Szasz for providing excellent advice and institu-
tional affi liation at the Colegio de México.
I thank Jorge Salmerón Castro, the director of the imss Unidad de
Investigación Epidemiológica y en Servicios de Salud (uiess), for provid-
ing crucial access to the eld site, aid with the hospital bureaucracy, of-
ce space, and unfl agging support for my research. Th at Dr. Salmerón
was willing to do all this for an unknown American speaking such a dif-
ferent disciplinary language is a testament to his generosity in support-
ing ju nior researchers and his im mense kindness. I also thank the uiess
staff for their companionship and help. Some local friends are largely re-
sponsible for keeping me sane during eldwork: I thank my wonderful
roommates Dulce Palomo Rojas and Ricardo Mendoza Fragoso; my
movie, spa, and health research partner Yvonne Flores Leonard; and my
fellow anthropological sex researchers Eva Alcantara and Sarah Luna.
I am deeply indebted to many other people and institutions that made
this research possible. Th is includes nancial support from the Wenner-
Gren Foundation, Fulbright iie, and the American Association of Uni-
versity Women, as well as several University of Michigan programs. Th is
project began as my PhD dissertation, and I am grateful to the committee
Ac know ledg ments
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