preface and acknowledgments
This book is about entanglements. To be entangled is not simply to
intertwined with another, as in the joining of separate entities, but to lack
independent, self-contained existence. Existence is not an individual a√
Individuals do not preexist their interactions; rather, individuals emer
through and as part of their entangled intra-relating. Which is not to say t
emergence happens once and for all, as an event or as a process that tak
place according to some external measure of space and of time, but rat
that time and space, like matter and meaning, come into existence,
iteratively reconfigured through each intra-action, thereby making it imp
sible to di√erentiate in any absolute sense between creation and renew
beginning and returning, continuity and discontinuity, here and there, p
and future.
What does it mean therefore to write an acknowledgment, to ackno
edge or recognize contributors and contributions that help make somethi
happen? Writing an acknowledgment cannot be a matter of simply comm
ting to paper key moments and key individuals identified and selected fro
various scans through the book of memories written into and preserved
the mind of an author. Memory does not reside in the folds of individ
brains; rather, memory is the enfoldings of space-time-matter written in
the universe, or better, the enfolded articulations of the universe in its m
tering. Memory is not a record of a fixed past that can ever be fully
simply erased, written over, or recovered (that is, taken away or taken ba
into one’s possession, as if it were a thing that can be owned). And
membering is not a replay of a string of moments, but an enlivening a
reconfiguring of past and future that is larger than any individual. R
membering and re-cognizing do not take care of, or satisfy, or in any oth
way reduce one’s responsibilities; rather, like all intra-actions, they exte
the entanglements and responsibilities of which one is a part. The past
never finished. It cannot be wrapped up like a package, or a scrapbook, or
acknowledgment; we never leave it and it never leaves us behind.
So this acknowledgment does not follow (and does not not follow) t
tradition of an author reminiscing about the long process of writing a bo
and naming supporters along the way that made the journey possible. Th
is no singular point in time that marks the beginning of this book, nor
there an ‘‘I’’ who saw the project through from beginning to end, nor
writing a process that any individual ‘‘I’’ or even group of ‘‘I’s’’ can cla
credit for. In an important sense, it is not so much that I have written t
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