appendix 1
Pearl Harbor Bombing Statistics (December 7, 1941)
Japa nese attack force: four aircraft carriers, two heavy cruisers, thirty- five submarines,
two light cruisers, two battleships, and eleven destroyers, nine oilers. Aircraft: First
wave: 183 planes; Second wave: 170 planes. “Remembering Pearl Harbor: A Pearl
Harbor Fact Sheet” National World War II Museum. accessed July 16, 2015, http://
www . nationalww2museum . org / assets / pdfs / pearl - harbor - fact - sheet - 1 . pdf.
U.S. losses: Of the total 2,390 U.S. killed, 1,177 died in the explosion of the Arizona. Out
of a crew of 1,511, only 334 survived. The subsequent fires continued for two and a
half days, at the end of which time only 107 of the dead could be positively identified
(“ People,” National Park Ser vice, accessed June 15, 2015, http:// www . nps . gov / valr
/ historyculture / people . htm).
All U.S. ships, except the Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma, were salvaged and later saw
action. The Arizona and Utah remain in place as memorials to their lost crews. The
salvaged Oklahoma was lost in transit but a uss Oklahoma memorial on Ford Island
was dedicated December 7, 2007.
Table Appendix 1. december 7, 1941 losses
United States Japan
Personnel Killed 2,390 64
Navy 1,999 64
Marine Corps 109
Army and Army Air Forces 233
Civilian 49
Personnel Wounded 1,178 unknown
Navy 710
Marine Corps 69
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