The Library of Congress transliteration system is used in this book when-
ever unfamiliar Russian words are introduced. For the sake of easier read-
ing, however, when Russian authors are named in the body of the text,
I have chosen the most familiar English spelling ("Dostoevsky" rather
than "Dostoevskii"); last names containing a Russian
are rendered
with the letters "yo" rather than "e" ("Fyodorov" rather than "Federov").
The "Works Cited" section and internal citations use the Library of Con-
gress system for ease of bibliographic reference; thus, the name of the
author of "Twenty-six Men and A Girl" is given in the text as "Gorky" but
listed in the citations as "Gor'kii." Fictional characters' names are ren-
dered in a more "reader-friendly" fashion so that non-Russian speakers
can better pronounce the names ("Volodya" rather than "Volodia").
All translations are my own unless otherwise noted.
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