e are grateful to the Economic and Social Research Council and to the
Trust for their support, outlined in the preface. In multiple
ways, we all owe a personal debt of thanks to families and partners who sup-
ported each of us during the research— in no particular order: Sue Wade, Paty
Costas, Mónica Benítez, Juan Antonio Cruz, and Manuel Cruz (also a constant
companion and “product” of this research project).
We would like to thank the following people and institutions.
In the United Kingdom: Liverpool Microarray Facility (University of Liver-
pool) for the guided tour of their facility they gave some of us; Jeanette Ed-
wards and Penny Harvey (University of Manchester) for their help and support;
John Pickstone (University of Manchester) for his interest in the project; and
Susan Lindee, Jenny Reardon, Gisli Pálsson, Amade M’charek, and Andrew
Smart for their participation in a project conference in Manchester in July 2011.
In Brazil: Maria Cátira Bortolini, Francisco Salzano, Sidney Santos, Ândrea
Ribeiro dos Santos, João Guerreiro, Sérgio Pena, Tábita Hünemeier, Rita Mar-
rero, Vanessa Paixão Côrtes, Caio Cerqueira, Eduardo Amorim, Pablo Abdon,
Elzemar Ribeiro, Eliseu Carvalho, and many other geneticists who generously
opened their doors and donated their time at the Federal Universities of Rio
Grande do Sul, Pará, and Minas Gerais, as well as the State University of Rio de
Janeiro. In addition, we thank Antonio Carlos Souza Lima, Claudia Fonseca,
Glaucia Silva, Jane Beltrão, Marcos Chor Maio, Peter Fry, Ruben Oliven, Penha
Dubois, and Thereza Menezes.
In Colombia: María Fernanda Olarte Sierra and Adriana Díaz del Castillo
are especially indebted to William Usaquén, Angela Alonso, Andrea Casas,
Leonardo Eljach, Verónica Rocha, Madelyn Rojas, Wilson Rojas, Vanessa
Sarmiento, and Blanca Shroeder for generously opening the doors of their lab
and their daily lives to them; for patiently answering their questions and pro-
viding them with thorough explanations; but especially for respecting their
work and their analysis of them, engaging with them in fruitful discussions
as fellow researchers, which made their chapter what it is: a back and forth
of ideas and arguments. In addition, they thank Stuart Blume, Tania Pérez-
Bustos, and Andrew Smart.
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