I thank my teachers. In Mumbai, I am deeply grateful to all those whom
I cannot name here but who taught me every thing. The incredible indi-
vidual I call Mary in these pages, who was my liaison to the neighborhood
and my tireless research assistant, opened her community’s doors to me
and taught me to ask better questions. Raymond was selfless in his sup-
port and ideas. I also thank Chandrima Chatterjee, Cecilia Dias, Vikram
Doctor, Naresh Fernandes, Leon Fonseca, Aakar Patel, Yogesh Pawar, and
Ketan Vaidya for teaching me all the tiny details that cemented my love for
Bandra and Mumbai. I had the incredible fortune to cross paths with Drs.
Kalpana Swaminathan and Ishrat Syed, and I am grateful for their friend-
ship, feedback, and passion for writing through mysteries of the body
and the city. Many physicians shared their time and clinics with me, and
I especially thank Dr. Arun Bal, Dr. Raman Goel, Dr. Shashank Joshi, Dr.
C. S. Yajnik, and Dr. Vishali Naik. A special thank- you to Dr. Pallavi Patan-
kar for her hospitality and reflections. Anita Khemka and Imran Kokiloo,
in Delhi, and Maura Finkelstein, Ansul Madhvani, and Solomon Senrick, in
Mumbai, offered havens of refuge, friendship, and unparalleled generos-
ity. Antigoni Koumpounis was a soothsayer on the India journey since
the beginning. I thank the faculty of the Department of Sociology at the
University of Mumbai for hosting me during my stay, especially Prof. Kamala
Ganesh for her support. Gopal MS conveys luminous everyday moments in
Mumbai; I thank him deeply for sharing his art for this book’s cover.
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