alternate takes and
political generations
If a person finds something that they’re really good at, and they can utilize
it . . . it lifts them up.
—Anthony Ortega, interview by author
When I write music and I’ve got five instruments, I interlock the harmo-
nies. In order for one of the inner voices not to repeat the same notes, I
shoot ’em down to another note, and that instrument shifts up to the other
note, so there will be contrary motion . . . So they’re complementing, and
always fluctuating. . . . Like in harmony it’s a weave.
—Paul Lopez, interview by author, June 18, 1999
Musicians aren’t born. If you want to be a good one, you have to study. . . .
And it’s a fine, fine goal to have in life: to surpass your teacher.
—Don Tosti, interview by Rick Mandlebaum and Susan Terrazini,
Palms Springs radio station program, 1997 (tape in author’s possession,
courtesy Don Tosti)
But I should have even studied more, because I realized that there were
certain teachers there that are dead now. There’s no way to study with
—Paul Lopez, interview by author, June 18, 1999
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