ac know ledg ments
This is a revised and modified version of the book Um Nordeste em São Paulo.
Trabalhadores migrantes em São Miguel Paulista (1945–66), published in 2008
by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. It was originally a doctoral dissertation
from the postgraduate program in social history at the Institute of Philoso-
phy and Human Sciences of the State University of Campinas (Universidade
Estadual de Campinas; unicamp). I begin by thanking Michael Hall, my for-
mer adviser. My time with Michael allowed me to understand the real mean-
ing of “sensei,” the Japa nese term used by Eric Hobsbawm in On History: “an
intellectual master to whom one owes a debt that cannot be repaid.”
This work is certainly the result of the fantastic academic environment of
the History Department at unicamp, in which I had the privilege of being a
student. There I built a long relationship of friendship and intellectual part-
nership with Alexandre Fortes, Antonio Luigi Negro, Fernando Teixeira da
Silva, and Hélio da Costa. Without them, this journey would not have begun.
I also thank the professors of unicamp, in par ticular Claudio Batalha, Marco
Aurélio Garcia, Sidney Chalhoub, and Silvia Lara who were fundamental to
my formation as a historian. This book in many ways is also the result of intel-
lectual contributions and conversations with many colleagues and teachers. I
especially thank José Ricardo Ramalho, José Sérgio Leite Lopes, Maria Célia
Paoli, Adriano Duarte, Fabiane Popinigis, Cristiana Schettini, Francisco Bar-
bosa de Macedo, John French, Leon Fink, Marcel Van der Linden, Rossana
Barragán, Neville Kirk, Mirta Lobato, Huw Beynon, and Samita Sen.
I was invariably well attended and well received at all of the institutions, ar-
chives, and libraries where I conducted my research. I thank the staf and the
directors of those organ izations. This work was enriched by the international
academic experience that I had the opportunity to acquire over the past few
years. In 2004 and 2006–2007, respectively, I was a visiting professor at Duke
University and Prince ton University in the United States. More recently, in
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