In the process of doing research and writing this book, I have
benefited from the support of numerous individuals. Graciously sharing their
time and thoughts, many people turned the seemingly solitary endeavor into
intersubjective engagements. I would like to thank Roger Janelli, Laurel Ken-
dall, and Uma Narayan for reading an earlier version of this book. I would also
like to thank Nancy Abelmann, Cynthia Enloe, and John Lie for their inter-
ests in my work and reading all or parts of a later version. Their comments
werevery helpful for sharpening my ideas. I also owe thanks to Martha Kaplan
and Eileen Leonard for their intellectual support. I gained substantially from
my conversations with Joo-hyun Cho, Hyaeweol Choi, Chŏng-hŭi Kim, Seung
Kyung Kim, and Kwang-yŏung Shin at various stages of writing this book.
The birth of this book would not have been possible without the generous
assistance I received fromVassar College, including a one-year sabbatical leave
and several faculty research grants. My appointment as a visiting scholar at
the Korea Institute at Harvard University during fall 2002 and fall 2003 also
facilitated my writing. My thanks go to Carter Eckert, Sunjoo Kim, and David
McCann forcordially hosting me. I would also like to thank J. Reynolds Smith,
my editor at Duke University Press, for appreciating my work for what it is
and recognizing its relevance beyond Korean studies or East Asian studies. Al-
though this book is a study separate from my dissertation, special thanks go to
my mentors Gordon Fellman and Shulamit Reinharz at Brandeis University,
who have given me enduring nurturance.
Joy Hyun Kim at the Korea Heritage Library at the University of Southern
California and Angy Kim and Peter Owens, my student assistants at Vassar
College, gave me reliable assistance for my research. I would also like to thank
the late T’ae-wu Yi and Paek-kwan Sŏng for helping me to carry out research
at the Institute for Defense Analysis.
For collecting the valuable pictures that appear in this book, I am in-
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