1884 Kabo reform
1894 Tonghak peasant war
1895 Sino-Japanese War in the Korean Peninsula
1905 Annexation of the Chosŏn Dynasty (1392–1910) to Japan
as a protectorate
1910–45 Japanese colonization
1945–48 Rule of the U.S. Army military government
1947 Establishment of the People’s Democratic Republic of
Korea (North Korea)
1948 Establishment of the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
1948–60 First Republic (President Syngman Rhee)
April 19, 1960 Student uprising and the overthrow of Rhee’s regime
1960–61 Second Republic (Prime Minister Chang Myŏn)
May 16, 1961 Military coup led by General Park Chung Hee
1961–63 Military junta rule
1963–72 Third Republic (President Park Chung Hee)
October 1971 Declaration of Yushin Constitution
1972–79 Fourth Republic (President Park Chung Hee)
October 26, 1979 Assassination of Park by his kcia chief
1979–80 Interregnum (President Choi Kyu-ha)
December 12, 1979 Military coup led by General Chun Doo Hwan
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