This is a book about Brazil, and as such I wish to thank the many
Brazilians responsible for its. completion. First on this list are the
elderly Contestado residents who graciously agreed to speak about
what was a painful event for them.
met these wonderful people with
the help of four committed journalists from Florianopolis, Santa
Catarina. Enio Staub, Jurandir Pires de Camargo, Sergio Antonio
Flores, and Dario de Almeida Prado Jr. graciously invited me to join
with them as they tracked down and interviewed the few remaining
rebel survivors. Special thanks goes to Enio Staub, whose kindness
was exceeded only by his willingness to share his special knowledge
of Brazil past and present.
For their help in locating valuable materials, I wish to recognize
the staffs of the Arquivo Nacional and the Biblioteca Nacional, both
in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks also to the staffs at the Arquivo Publico do
Parana (Curitiba, Parana), and the Arquivo do Estado de Santa Cata-
rina (Florianopolis, Santa Catarina). lowe a special debt to the staffs
of the municipal and parish archives in Rio Negro and Uniao da
Vitoria, Parana, and Tres Barras, Canoinhas, and Campos Novos,
Santa Catarina. Friendly people there took time out of their busy days
to answer questions about what to me was an absolutely confusing
land registration process. Thanks also to Professor Cecilia Maria
Westphalen, of the Federal University of Parana, and David Carneiro,
of Curitiba, Parana, for their advice on what to look for, and where.
For their hospitality and support in Brasilia I sincerely thank
Wriggberto Camara Furtado and Jovita Lacerda Furtado. Moema
Lacerda Furtado also provided special support, and was especially
helpful with Portuguese translations. In Sao Paulo, Fernando Ravinet
provided room, board, and stimulating conversation. I also wish to
thank Dona Dorileia Gustaverson of Rio de Janeiro.
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