Many friends and colleagues generously contributed to this project through
their encouragement and their time reading the manuscript and making sug-
gestions. They include American University’s interim provost, Ivy Broder;
Dean Kay Mussell of the university’s College of Arts and Sciences; Language
and Foreign Studies Department chairs John Schillinger, Naomi Baron,
Alina Israeli, Olga Rojer, and Nadia Harris; librarian Paul McCutcheon of
the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum; Barbara Boal and librarians Gini
Horn, Ellen Stuter, and Roseann Staie of the American Philatelic Society’s
Research Library; and colleagues Amy Oliver, Consuelo Hernández, Ana
Serra, Brenda Werth, Consuelo Gall, Jeannie Downey-Vanover, and Floren-
cia Cortés-Conde of our Department of Language and Foreign Studies. My
brother Ted gets credit for help starting my stamp collection in Argentina
in the 1940s. A number of colleagues and friends also assisted greatly by
reading the manuscript and providing corrections, suggestions, and editing:
John Splettstoesser, Debra Luff, Paul Goodwin, David Bushnell, Frank Nues-
sel, Steve Pendleton, Pope Atkins, Florene Memegalos, Joseph Scarpaci, Guy
Shaw, and María Manzana. Student assistants Katie Baldwin, Leah Sand,
Sarah Hughson, Rachel Labruyere, and Jody Burghardt gave generously of
their time to edit and comment, and students in various courses were sub-
jected to required readings of some of the chapters, especially those dealing
with Argentina, Antarctica, and the Falklands/Malvinas. I am especially in-
debted to former students Vanessa Mueller and Marissa Newhall (both edi-
tors of the American University student newspaper The Eagle) for their close
reading and editing of this text.
The encouragement and support of Duke University Press editors Valerie
Millholland, Miriam Angress, and Molly Balikov are much appreciated, as
are the comments provided by their anonymous referees and the copy edi-
tor, Maura High (to whom I owe an apology for my “minimalist” endnotes).
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