Ac knowledgments
It is fitting that the process of writing a book about mobility should
have featured many journeys. And this has been true in literal and
metaphorical ways. Many have shared in these journeys, some for
lengthy periods of time, some giving direction when I’ve been lost;
a few could be said to have sent me on the journey in the first place.
To all of those whose paths I’ve crossed and shared, thank you, but
the following deserve special consideration.
Before I started writing this book, two professors inspired me to
head down this road. Deena Weinstein was an astounding teacher
and my first intellectual mentor. She spent countless hours with
me as a kid of eighteen discussing social theory and rock music,
convincing me there was a way to combine intellectual rigor with
personal interests. Through her, I met Michael Weinstein, whose
seminar on Michel Foucault and political theory blew my mind and
set a standard for me to shoot for. Their vigorous engagement with
life still inspires me.
But this book really took off while I was at the University of Illi-
nois surrounded by corn and soy bean fields that engulf Urbana-
Champaign in a horizontal expanse that demands motorcycle
flight. The mentorship I received and the friendships I built there
continue to motivate. In particular, Lawrence Grossberg pushed me
to think broadly about mobility and demanded that attention be
paid to the political. James Hay was there throughout the process
helping to nurture my initial ideas, bring them to fruition, and fos-
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