Thebulkofthisbookwasinitiallypublishedinthejournal boundary vol.
no. (). I would like to thank Paul Bové for encouraging me to sub
the original project proposal to the journal, and Reynolds Smith for helpi
to turn the special issue into a book.
Two essays have been added to the current volume: Sung-sheng Yvon
Chang’s ‘‘Beyond Cultural and National Identities: Current Re-evaluati
of the Kominka Literature from Taiwan’s Japanese Period’’ (originally pu
lished in Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, vol. , no. [], –
and Dorothy Ko’s ‘‘Bondage in Time: Footbinding and Fashion Theor
(originallypublishedin FashionTheory, vol.,no.[],–).Theseess
are reprinted with the permissions respectively of the Centre for Literat
and Translation, Lingnan University (Hong Kong, China) and Berg Pu
lishers (Oxford, England).
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