Appendix 1:
Glossary of Tibetan Spellings
This list includes primary authors and texts, selected secondary authors, and place
names, as well as special terms spelled phonetically in the chapters. Entries are alpha-
betized letter by letter, ignoring word and syllable breaks. For names usually pro-
nounced in the Amdo dialect, the phonetic rendering for the dialect is provided in
parentheses after the Tibetan Himalayan Digital Library (THDL) Simplified Phonetics
version. Names followed by an asterisk (*) retain the popular phonetic spelling used
in English publications by these scholars. For names typically appearing in Chinese,
the pinyin romanization is provided in parentheses after the THDL Simplified Pho-
netics version.
Achung Namdzong A ’byung rnam ’dzong
Akhu Samten A khu Bsam gtan
Alai (Ch. A lai) A legs
Alak Chömpel A lags Chos ’phel
Alak Dorzhi A lags Dor zhi
Alak Drongtsang A lags ’Brong tshang
Alak Gönpotsang A lags Mgon po tshang
Alak Khadingtsang A lags Mkha’ lding tshang
Alak Zhelshül Ngakwang Tenpé A lags Zhal shul Ngag dbang bstan
Gyatso pa’i rgya mtsho
Amdo A mdo
Amdo Jampa A mdo Byams pa
Amnye Machen* A myes Rma chen
Anyön Trashi Döndrup A smyon Bkra shis don grub
Baba Püntsok Wanggyel Ba ba Phun tshogs dbang rgyal
Baré Ba res
Batang Ba thang
Beri Jikmé Wanggyel Be ri ’Jigs med dbang rgyal
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