irst, we would like to thank the contributors to this volume, who have
remarkable patience and forbearance through too many pro-
posals, drafts, submissions, revisions, and deadlines. Again and again, they
have reminded us of how fortunate we are in having such generous and
understanding colleagues. We also gratefully acknowledge the detailed and
attentive reports submitted by our outside readers. They brought just the
right mix of sympathetic engagement and critical distance to comments that
were both instructive and constructive. We also deeply appreciate the expert
counsel and consummate professionalism of the sta√ at Duke University
Press, most especially Reynolds Smith (senior editor), Pam Morrison (assis-
tant managing editor), and Sharon Torian (senior editorial assistant). Finally,
our work on this collection has been made immeasurably easier, and the
manuscript itself substantially improved, by the splendid e√orts of three
research assistants: Jack Dudley, Mark Estante, and Jesse Wolfe.
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