Writing this book was often an exhilarating experience— like an action-
adventure game, set to co- op mode. Joe Dumit rode shotgun for the entire
project. Some of the best ideas came from playing around with Aimee
Bahng, Cesare Casarino, Bishnu Ghosh, Geeta Patel, Rita Raley, Bhaskar
Sarkar, and Sudipta Sen.
At uc Davis, my colleagues in the ModLab, the Department of English,
the Program in Science and Technology Studies, the Program in Cinema
and Technocultural Studies, the Center for Science and Innovation Stud-
ies, and the KeckCAVES make it a pleasure to go into work every day. My
thinking about the media ecologies of science has been shaped especially
by ongoing conversations with Mario Biagioli, Gina Bloom, Larry Bogad,
Nathan Brown, Joan Cadden, Patrick Carroll, Seeta Chaganti, Anupam
Chander, Tim Choy, Joshua Clover, Christina Cogdell, Lucy Corin, Marisol
de la Cadena, Carolyn de la Peña, Greg Dobbins, Fran Dolan, Kris Fallon,
Margie Ferguson, Kathleen Frederickson, Beth Freeman, Jim Griesemer,
Hsuan Hsu, Mark Jerng, Alessa Johns, Caren Kaplan, Louise Kellogg, Oli-
ver Kreylos, Angie Louie, Desirée Martín, John Marx, Liz Miller, Roberta
Millstein, Michael Neff, Jessie Ann Owens, Kriss Ravetto- Biagioli, Scott
Shershow, Scott Simmon, David Simpson, Eric Smoodin, Matthew Strat-
ton, Dawn Sumner, Madhavi Sunder, Tim Valdepena, Claire Waters, and
Mike Ziser.
I am grateful to all the current and former uc Davis students who have
been involved in these conversations, as well. In particular, I would like to
thank Sara Anderson, Kristin Aratoli, Russell Backman, Toby Beauchamp,
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