aC k n ow l e d g M e n t s
Cathy Dykes and Cheryl Traylor work without complaint to maintain the
garden. Their skill, knowledge, and energy give me the time to record our
activities and write about the joy of living with other creatures in a garden.
Joanne Ferguson, Allan Gurganus, Maureen Quilligan, Reynolds Smith, and
Daisy Thorp read the manuscript and made perceptive suggestions, which
we followed. Malcolm Grear showed us how art and text could flow together
and form an integrated work. Neil Patterson and Craufurd Goodwin en-
couraged us and gave us the constructive criticisms that led us in the right
direction. Without any of these friends this book would not be possible. Ippy
and I are enormously grateful.
I have attempted to verify the botanical names as they exist in 2004.
Botanical taxonomy and nomenclature are under constant revision and some
of the current names may have changed by the time this book is published.
My primary reference is the RHS Plant Finder 2004–2005. When a plant
is not listed there, I consult encyclopedias and botanical floras, primarily
The New York Botanical Garden Illustrated Encyclopedia of Horticulture, The
New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening, and Manual of the
Vascular Flora of the Carolinas.
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